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Solidarity Youth Buddhist Association of Multicultural America (tentative) ... look forward to the creation of

70-80 fold in western North America, citing the region's surge in immigrants' countries of immigration to the United States engaged (each nation) Buddhism and earn a clear pattern emerged in the guise of Buddhism around the United States to show the character and diversity of immigrants settled in the Buddhist era look with the eyes.

And half a century since the 1960s and has grown steadily to undergo Buddhist roots dating from around the United States, any state of development of Buddhism in the United States today, and that should I grow?

Clearly the United States Buddhism is already affecting the world are inter-related, and academia in the United States focused on philologically Global Buddhist literature-out period has led to a new and significant contribution to the world is the transition Buddhism will continue to be predicted.

Current Status of the western United States, as follows: Buddhism sees mass.

1) Immigration is a Buddhist settlement. This is all over the world come to the United States for a Buddhist, but its for its immigrant-American Buddhist religious tradition connects mission center form of management system applied. It is placed at the head and senior monks. Its just a form of collective monk look Sangha does not exist.

2) around the Buddhist system of immigration generally associated with Americans want monk home inspections carried out in each country or the United States or aids-related systems to perform in good faith and missionary. Perform the individual and the Buddhist immigrants against Americans that almost led to group seems like it is very fragile.

3) Americans carried the center have a variety of American Buddhism. Form of group instruction material (American) Buddhist monks gathering to perform around the community of Americans own rooted.

4) U.S. mainstream Buddhist community (experience), increase the value squeaker Buddhism (community participation in implementation) to seek the path of movement and the spread of the new home for its committed to continuously believe.

5) However, despite the growth in international migration youth Buddhism developed an interest in the development of two programs seems very poor. Generations of immigrant elderly are generally concentrated in the mainstream Buddhism and other Buddhist religious participation is voluntary, compared youth Buddhist not yet activated it seems very poor state of neglect.

The shooting over the western United States for the development of international cultural youth activities seek to see Buddhism.

The Future of American Buddhism Buddhist view of the ongoing activities of the youth activation only get out to continue expanding, one Located in around Buddhist institutions Buddhist activities to continue it will. Immigration 1.5, 2, 3 and continues for three to tie in Buddhist countries not lead to the appearance of its activity if I cut off immigration for the survival of Buddhism seems serious problem. Around this problem is the vulnerability of immigrant Buddhism. The first measures to be overcome it will go.

Then, it can overcome the effect of the immediate alternative is to continue reflecting on what I watch.

Share youth multinational multicultural programs, and rewarding place together with program development and wish I had expect from him. And the first stages of activity where the primary goal of putting gauge how the development of ongoing activities to do further analysis should give encouragement map as a consultative body, the Buddhist leaders in western countries, a meeting - starting from the subcommittee, gradually expand the organization Solidarity Youth Buddhist Association of Multicultural America (tentative name) seems to require the establishment.

Venerable Bhante Chao Chu
the Abbot of Rosemead Buddhist Monastery and the president of the Los Angeles Buddhist Union (LABU).

Luckily, Southern California Association of Buddhist Sangha revelation bantte Chao Chu (Most Ven. Dr. Bhante Cho Chu) said the monk 5206 N. Figueroa St. Myobeop visits with Dr. Chiran Lee sources introduced and the western United States multinational International Buddhist Youth Movement build a new community youth as a base layer for the International Buddhist activities to help strengthen our place shall provide the leverage, then you have to actively tell sacrament, which the monk Chu Chao bantte occasion accordingly put forward to reveal the spindle sought.

5206 N. Figueroa St. Myobeop Temple

Utilization temple

1) use of the first floor is / meetings around the Buddhist Youth -
A) meals and parties meeting space (space, comfortable and well-lit windows restore required) Meal-food importing countries by the participant organizations eat only offering hours and offerings with you (in English) about the food through chanting with the spirit of Buddhist learning.

B) provide storage equipment required for international cultural events - safety device

C) Connect the temporary parking and outdoor play yard field
One. Eastern and Western countries shake youth folk-style play and play and dance together, such as folk dance
Two. Playground use light sport (basketball, table tennis, Bed Mint) - club meeting
This makes finding your neighbors or anyone at all times so that you can use to open space

2) use of the second floor is / Youth Buddhists around the joint meeting venue
A) configuration around the Buddhist Youth Union Choir, practice and stage
Piano, or through the screen (Video Music) youth around the country to learn and sing favorite song First choral conductor and music teacher around the map minutes per serve.

B) speech and speech competitions (Youth Square seminars)
Topics - yes) How do I look Buddhist? I met a Buddhist-related stories.

C) World-class HR leaders or famous movie star Invited hear the word
D) Dhamma-pada (English) Youth Buddhist Union countries and preach once chanting
E) Bara-Dane, Lantern Dance solo release time, etc.
F) Other chanting (video) and meditation, music room - the time of execution and shelter

Utilization of more open space is always available to the site from the people closest to increase availability of good and I wish I could go, how to get out first, you will subcommittees and, accordingly programs meeting to create it step by step and I hope I can develop improvement.

March 17, 2014
Koran American Buddhist Community Services – America Buddhist College / Echoes of the Buddha
Joining hands Ahns Kim