'The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea'

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'The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea'

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The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea
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Rev. Hae Moon Mose Ensley

Paraphrasing the book THE HISTORY AND CULTURE OF BUDDHISM IN KOREA (Edited by the Korean Buddhist Research Institute - 1993);Korean Buddhism shows the harmonization of WHOLE BUDDHISM and that she (KOREA) should commit itself to play a role in the world to create a new Buddhist Culture which takes over from the old tradition and at the same time willingly give direction to the Universalization of Buddhism; I plan to be a part of this new movement. I have always felt that any religious practices should be all inclusive, tolerant and definitely receptive to other religious practices no matter what differences we may have. I have found that All Inclusiveness in Korean Buddhism even though there is still a lot of work to be done in this area.
Under the direction of my Dharma Master, Ven. Won Woong and my Dharma Guide, Ven. Jong Mae Park I am learning the way of the LORD BUDDHA. I share his teaching with Buddhists and Non Buddhists alike. KOREAN BUDDHISM has given me the opportunity to be a part of the BUDDHA'S Dream for our universe. Just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's dream for all humankind, I also have a dream to use Buddhism to help create a better understanding between all religions, culture etc...
This too is the dream of Ven. Jong Mae Park(MOOK RIM). We have started by ;bridging the gap; between the Korean and African American community. At BOKWANG TEMPLES in Anaheim CA. And South Central Los Angeles we have made wonderful progress through our Temple Services and different culture exchanges within our communities. Through Korean Buddhism I am practicing true Buddhism by interfacing with many other brothers and sisters who follow the BUDDHA'S path.
As a member of the AMERICAN BUDDHIST CONGRESS I am exposed further to true Buddhism through continuous dialogue with Buddhists from the Tibetian Order, from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam, Japan, China and many parts of the world. At the same time we are working very closely with Christians, Muslims, Jews, Bahai Society, Native Americans and many other groups. It was only after I started practicing KOREAN BUDDHISM and following the guidance of my Dharma Master and Dharma Guide that a whole new world opened for me. I now have a clearer understanding of my mission in this life. At Last, I truly Congratulate to 20th years Anniversary of the Kwan Um Temple.