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The Engaged Buddhism of Sulak Sivaraksa

With the author(Matteo Pistono), outside of Bangkok 2011


photo1: Colorful paper laterns at Jogyesa Temple for celebrating the Buddha's birthday.

photo2:Lotus Lantern Festival (연등회, Yeon Deung Hoe) in Seoul.

Current News in Korean Buddhism

Korean Buddhist Sangha association agreed to celebrate Lotus Lantern Festival Parade of the Buddha’s birthday a week before the 8th April of lunar month. Every temple has dharma ceremony of the Buddha’s birthday on the 8th April according to lunar calendar and hangs paper Lotus Lanterns by strings in the temple yard and inside the shrine hall with a name tag to make a wish and merit for family. Korean Buddhists donate some money for the paper lotus lantern. This tradition has handed down more than one thousand five hundred years in the Korean peninsular. That is why Lotus Lantern Festival became as a national holiday and the Korean Government designated Lotus Lantern Festival as an intangible cultural asset which should be celebrated each year.

Writer: Dharma Master Bogeom(Dr. Lee Chi-Ran)




함께 하는 이웃

A speaker is delivering an impassioned speech and won prize for the speaker of the National Assembly.

Judges are examining speakers’s eloquence.

Dharma Speech Contest on the Occasion of Buddha’s Birthday

the Buddha’s Birthday Celebration 2016


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